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Stay productive and protect your team while transitioning
business at the office, at home, or in any location.

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Leading a team in an ever-changing world is challenging enough.

Mitigating unforeseen operational and employment liabilities, keeping track of your remote business assets,
and managing fluctuating capacity makes your job even more complex.

You don’t have to go at it alone. Common Areas is here to help.

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Business Continuity & Capacity

Managing continuity and capacity in your operations is complex, whether your team is working all in the office, from home or anywhere else. This is especially so in times of major transition. With Common Areas you can design, manage and understand your current and future capacity availability and requirements in ways like never before.

Interactive spatial plans to track and configure your team’s dedicated workspaces
Real-time workspace capacity management and analysis
Data-informed capacity coordination and scheduling for the future

Collaborative Operations

Keeping everyone on the same page is crucial in business. Even more so when we can’t work face-to-face. Common Areas’ cloud-based software streamlines typical business processes to make it easier to work with your entire team, wherever they may be. Common Areas can help you manage task tracking, work order management, asset and equipment tracking, location management, preventative maintenance and more.

24/7 cloud-based desktop, tablet and mobile access
Real-time collaboration both inside and outside of your company
Intuitive analytics and reporting

Risk Mitigation and Remote Asset Management

It is a tall task, especially today, to track who’s working where, the conditions and security at each work environment, what company equipment has been assigned to whom and whether or not it is returned to the company. With Common Areas, you can make sure employees are taking reasonable safety precautions, protecting the security of your company data and keeping track of your company’s equipment for improved and easier retrieval.

Simple employee guided checklists for work environment and equipment information collection and analysis
Centralized equipment schedules and inventories
Data driven risk mitigation and simplified asset recovery

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