Waiting to Implement Collaborative Operations Software?

“Time is of the essence.”

That common phrase can be applied to pretty much anything in life, especially in today’s digital age. And sometimes the cost associated with ignoring the phrase can be difficult to calculate.

In property management, time is of the essence if you wait too long to implement a  collaborative operations software.

Below are the three of the main reasons people hold off buying collaborative operations software and why they should ignore and tackle those reasons head on:

Upfront Cost
If upfront cost of implementing a collaborative operations software is your main reason for holding off, think of how much more it will cost you in the long run if you choose to forgo it. A collaborative operations software can help to streamline your company’s maintenance operations; improve labor costs through improved efficiencies; can improve profitability through reduced operating costs and through efficient use of resources; allow for reduced equipment downtime; manage parts inventory to prevent under or over-stocking; and much more.

One company that is helping property and facility managers overcome their aversion to upfront costs is Common Areas. Their Base Membership plan offers a free and robust out-of-the-box solution that comes with everything needed to organize and track maintenance work online.

Time Spent Learning a New System
If the time spent learning a new system, configuring it and training others on adapting to it, is the reason you are waiting to buy a collaborative operations software, instead, focus on how much time you will save by implementing it. Using cloud-based collaborative operations software can help companies increase productivity by roughly 28%, increase project management efficiency by up to 35%, and reduce maintenance labor up to 40%. Imagine creating and assigning work orders during a site inspection without having to head back to the office to log each issue, download images, and draft emails to notify the vendors. Also, with a much smarter analysis of information, a collaborative operations software allows managers to quickly run reports and make better decisions based on real-time information.

I Don’t Like Change
If you are worried about altering whatever system you have in place right now, you should decide based on data and not on emotion. Be motivated to find new solutions and think of how much easier things would be if you could manage all your teams and organize all their work at each location with one easy-to-use software. And accessibility of that information is key…you can retrieve information more quickly than traditional spreadsheet or paper-based systems.

Like anything else, collaborative operations software is an investment for your organization. But this investment will get you the return that you are looking for with any good investment and the benefits will significantly compound over time.