Smartphones–A Path to Landscape Company Success

Flip phones have lost their style—for approximately two-thirds of all Americans that is. They have also been left in the dust in terms of functionality. From news updates to photo editing software to apps that help you to stay motivated, organize your grocery list, or wake you up in the morning. For many, Smartphones are considered a path to a company’s overall success—helping to do a job more efficiently. For a landscape company, Smartphones can help you stay connected to the weather, to your clients, to your crews, and if you have an operations management software, a Smartphone can help you stay connected to all your files, no matter where you are.

Below are some of our favorite tools for Smartphones that will help you stay in touch and work smarter leading to overall success.

*Weather Apps: Weather has a big effect on what a crew can accomplish on any given day. Apps like WeatherBug (which helps you get the most precise weather forecast) or OSHA Heat Safety Tool, for example, (which helps you have vital safety information for your crew) you can plan better and be more efficient by not wasting any time.

*Operations management Software and fleet tracking apps: An operations management software helps promote accuracy, reduce confusion, maximize efficiency and streamline the entire work order process. Common Areas, for example, can help track invoices, work orders, billing, work history, notes, files, employees and makes organizing so much easier. Also, advancements in GPS systems can help save drivers time, improve routing and allow for you to take on more service calls per day. Some GPS systems also allow you to know the exact location of your entire fleet of vehicles and equipment. For example, ATTI’s GPS tracking software helps to save on fuel costs, reduce labor costs, verify time cards, respond to emergency situations and helps to manage multiple projects more efficiently.

*Measuring Tools: Being able to accurately measure projects, lawns, fences, paving and pretty much anything else visible on a satellite is important for the success of any landscape business. A mobile app, like Planimeter, for example, is designed to help accomplish that. It measures distances and land areas on maps. The ability to access landscape and garden calculators from any Smartphone is also a great tool because they help determine the number of materials you will need for your landscaping project.

Overall, mobile apps and software solutions will help you to manage your business while on the go and is often at a low or minimal cost. With a Smartphone, you can accept credit cards, have a comprehensive plant guide on your phone, use a variety of apps that help to increase your business’ productivity, have more accurate information and you will never need to sort business cards again.