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Property management software that connects your people, processes and properties
to optimize your single family residential operations.

Clear Reliable Results

Common Areas helps you streamline your operations, easily share information and collaborate with your team, residents, and vendors.Founded by a team of experienced real estate investors and owners to manage our own properties, Common Areas gives you a lens into your business, providing visibility into your information, documentation and processes to deliver the returns you expect.

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Never a Dull Moment

The clock never stops when managing a portfolio of single family homes. Every resident request is urgent and every delay impacts profitability. Meanwhile even when managing everything perfectly, your business will still see about 30% turnover of your residents each year.

Visibility to
Drive your Business

Common Areas simplifies and streamlines your SFR operations to help you get more done in less time and with less effort.  From due diligence analysis, to automated turnover inspections, to longterm CapEx visibility, Common Areas will help your business capture more revenue out of every door today and into the future.

Keep Occupancy Rates High

Turnovers can’t be controlled, but the downtime between residents can. Streamline your process and reduce the time losing rent between residents with Common Areas. From inspection, to punch list, to occupancy ready, you will save time and improve your bottom line.

Maintenance on Autopilot

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Automate the creation your seasonal work orders, recurring maintenance tasks and inspection scheduling to ensure consistent maintenance, avoid surprise work orders, keep residents happy and potential liabilities at bay.

Clear Vision

Organize all of your property information in one place over the lifecycle of your assets. Streamline your maintenance processes and keep track of everything including: work orders, inspections, equipment, preventative maintenance and more.

The Complete Picture

Finally get a clear picture of your critical equipment and asset details and what your capital costs look like over time. Use these insights to improve buying decisions, plan your short and long term capital budgets and improve your bottom line.

Work Orders
Made Easy

Empower your team and vendors with the ability to create, assign and track work orders together all in one place. Simplify and streamline the sharing of information including files, photos, GPS pins, status notifications and more to consistently get the work done right.

Less Stress,
Less Headaches

Keeping vendor, resident and company policies up-to-date, properly named and with appropriate coverages is a must in managing property. It is also one of the biggest pains in the neck... Streamline and automate this work with Common Areas to keep covered with less stress.

Support Your Strategy

Your business success is built on your ingenuity and vision. Don't let rigid software get in the way. Unlike others, Common Areas is configurable without touching code and can adapt to your business as times change. Whether preconfigured or tailored for your needs, Common Areas can help.

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