Preventative Maintenance and Your School’s Reputation

School buildings across America are aging and many are in a state of disrepair.  There is a need to maintain these facilities to meet the ever-changing educational requirements of the 21st-century learner.  Unexpected maintenance issues are not only disruptive to the school day but can also lead to downtime, costly repairs, and potential safety issues.  A school that proactively implements a preventative maintenance plan will also be able to protect its investment, provide safety and security for its teachers, staff and students and support superior educational performance.

Today there is a plethora of software products on the market that can assist a school’s facilities management team in achieving this goal.  One of the many benefits of using collaborative facility operations software is preventative maintenance.  Facility operations software can help to extend the useful life-cycle of your buildings and equipment, reduce operational costs, enhance the performance of your assets and increase their efficiency.  By adding software like Common Areas, for example, you can easily monitor all of the physical assets on your school’s campus, including the buildings, athletic fields, grounds and equipment across all of your sites.  It can calendar regular servicing as well as track and retain the history of repairs.  All of this will lead to your school providing a clean, safe, instructional supportive environment for your learners.

There are many business costs to inadequate preventative maintenance, but one of the most detrimental could be the potential disengagement of your students and a loss of credibility as a top institution of higher learning.  According to studies conducted by the American Association of School Administrators, “students are more likely to prosper when their environment is conducive to learning. Well-designed facilities send a powerful message to kids about the importance a community places on education.”

Failure to manage your school’s facilities in such a fashion is a gamble you cannot afford.