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Engineered to fuel agile operations

Caught between spreadsheets and complex software? Creating solutions from scratch enables customization, but requires coding. Also purchasing pre-packaged solutions can be simpler, but have rigid functionality. The Common Areas Platform provides the best of both worlds – the flexibility to configure rich solutions without the delays and expense of writing code. This means you can ditch the spreadsheets, run your business at peak efficiency, and adapt to changing business today and into the future.

Tailored to your business

Cookie-cutter software can strip away part of what makes you successful. Common Areas’ platform can be easily tailored to your unique best practice business processes – transforming manual, time-consuming tasks into automated workflows that maximize time and efficiency.

Work with your favorite tools and apps

Common Areas enables real-time data integration with more than 100+ leading solutions. From financial systems to machine sensors and beyond, unite your systems and data to create a truly digitally-connected business across all your locations.

Interact with your employees and floor plans

From space management to operations, Common Plans helps visually keep everyone on the current set of plans so you can maximize space utilization and maintain uptime and reliability across every piece of equipment, IT and office asset.

Configure once, consistently deploy everywhere

Expanding Common Areas to handle your growing operational needs is seamless. New apps automatically inherit the same look and feel as all other Common Areas apps, reducing the time and expense of training your users.

Never worry about security

Common Areas is a multi-tenant cloud based platform built to protect the security of you and your project partners. Leverage the latest advances in data security through Amazon Web Services (AWS). From user based permission controls to mirrored redundant arrays, your security is paramount to us.