Paper Work Orders—The Source of Lost Time and Revenue

Do you still own an old metal filing cabinet? Have you ever lost a work order, or possibly even completed a different job than you were supposed to? Do you schedule and dispatch work orders over email, and get frustrated with the amount of time it takes to communicate important information to all individuals involved?

If you can believe it, it is common for most people reading this will answer yes to one, if not all of the above questions. And those are just a few of the many challenges landscape companies face today. The reason? Because many businesses still rely on a manual work order process.

Every company has its own reasons for not making the switch to an online work order management solution, also known as collaborative operations software. Maybe they feel it gives them control and a paper work order is just easier to create. Maybe they feel they are comfortable the way things are and are overwhelmed by the idea of learning new technology. Perhaps they just don’t realize how much time and money they could save, and just how easy it actually is. Or maybe, just maybe, they simply love a good clipboard.

But no matter the reason, none of them can justify not moving to a digital process—especially when we live in a world where the internet is available everywhere, everyone has access with their smartphones and most importantly those who are adopting new technologies have an incredible competitive advantage over those that don’t.

By using a collaborative operations software, like Common Areas, landscape companies are able to easily and affordably evolve beyond the old fashioned, paper-based work orders. Some of the most important benefits of online systems include:

  • Increased Productivity. Create and assign work orders from the office or in the field, and easily keep track of your teams and tasks in real-time.
  • Save Time & Money. Eliminate the time-consuming paper processes and focus on additional business development tasks.
  • Stay Organized. Eliminate paper filing cabinets and misplaced work orders. Digital solutions automatically store all jobs and corresponding files in a database that is searchable online 24/7.
  • Better Communication. Easily send and receive real-time notifications and alerts to field crews and clients when work orders are created, updated, or when priorities change.
  • Eliminate Errors. Avoid duplicate work orders and ensure accuracy with one single system of record that keeps everyone on the same page.

There is no reason to not have peace of mind, promote accuracy, reduce confusion, maximize efficiency and streamline the entire work order process.