Managing Multiple School Locations Using Collaborative Operations Software

Educational institutions are constantly seeking new technologies to assist with the overwhelming task of providing multi-site facilities management.  Whether you oversee facilities for an entire school district, a college campus, or a network of preschools across several states, functioning as one unified organization can be challenging.  Cloud-based software solutions such as a collaborative operations software help to bring a sense of clarity to this issue.  There are many benefits to using this type of software on your school property.  Below are a few aspects that specifically address the goal of unifying and managing the daily operations and upkeep of multi-site educational facilities.

Accessibility.  Operations management software can be used by both internal and external stakeholders across a school campus, across state lines, or across the country.  Facilities personnel can access real-time work order details, documents, and images via their desktops while in the office, laptops when working from home, or mobile devices when in the field.  With solutions such as Common Areas, you have the ability to manage your teams, tasks, and locations all in a single work-hub.  Click here to learn more about Common Areas or to schedule a demo.

Transparency and improved productivity.  A collaborative operations software allows a school’s facilities director to see which resources have been deployed to resolve work orders across all locations.  Status updates are provided for these issues until each is fully resolved.  Since projects are monitored in real-time, your school’s facilities director can ensure accountability for all stakeholders involved in the process throughout the entire organization, no matter the physical location.  Your internal staff members and external contractors alike will be more productive, meeting their deadlines, easily making good on their promised deliverables and assuring no details fall through the cracks at any time.

Affordability.  Cloud-based facility management tools such as collaborative operations software provide the affordability that today’s educational institutions require.  When a cloud-based solution is implemented throughout all of your sites, you avoid issues such as the added expenditure of multiple servers for each location, a need for more data storage space, and hiring of onsite IT personnel for the administration of infrastructure to name a few.  Coping with and meeting modern demands can be accomplished, affordably, with a cloud-based solution.

In short, using a collaborative operations software leaves your school free to deploy its limited personnel and financial resources to tackle the ever-growing backlog of critical maintenance projects.  Operational budget funds can then be re-designated toward providing your students with clean, safe, healthy and modern learning environments across many locations affordably, effectively and efficiently.