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Unsteady operating practices cause profits to slip

Let’s face it, your asset managers, property managers, and leasing teams are overwhelmed by manual processes and often underwhelmed by the current tools and technologies meant to make them more productive. All it takes is a little misstep to cause confusion, mistakes and inefficiencies that impact your team, residents and profits. To maximize your multifamily portfolio’s value, something must change…

One Platform. Unlimited Potential.

Common Areas gives multifamily owners and managers an agile toolset to accelerate operational success across every property

Property Inspections

Speed up your inspection process and gather the documentation needed to deliver an accurate assessment of the condition of units, amenities and assets. Easily configure inspection forms and deploy them to your users to manage inspections using their preferred mobile device.

Work Order Management

Easily create, assign, and manage work orders from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. Streamline the process with automated workflows and gain real-time visibility into who’s doing what, when, and where.

Online Service Requests

Cut down on the number of after-hours phone calls by allowing renters to submit requests for maintenance repairs directly to your property management company. Check the progress of their request as it moves from received, to scheduled, to completed.

Contract & Lease Tracking

Tailor your lease management workflows to cover rental applications and screening, turnover, punch lists, liability insurance records, lease abstracts, and more. Then store and manage all contracts and get alerts anytime important deadlines are approaching.

Preventive Maintenance

Automate task scheduling, warranty monitoring, and recurring work orders to increase uptime and preserve the longevity of your assets and equipment. Trigger work orders based on date, time, event, alarms, or sensor readings.

Space Management

With accurate data collected during design and construction, tenant leasing, vendor management and routine site visits, it's easy to plot everyone and everything on a current set of collaborative plans so that you can visually access the critical details of all projects, properties and equipment - right from the icons on your site plans.

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