Lease Lifecycle Management

Drive productivity through the entire lease and contract
administration lifecycle with Common Areas

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Common Areas for Lease Lifecycle:

  • Lease Lifecycle Management
  • Rent Schedules
  • Competition Tracking
  • Site Analysis
  • Deal Tracking
  • Internal Approval Tracking
  • Automated Record Keeping
  • Location Management
  • Restriction & Exclusive Tracking
  • Lease Summaries
  • Sale & Lease Comparison Tracking
  • And More

Single platform for every detail

Deal Management

Having real-time knowledge of the status of each of your deals can be crucial to your business. The sooner you can identify roadblocks, the sooner you can take the appropriate action.  With Common Areas, you can simplify the process of collecting and sharing deal information so you will always know who is on first and reduce the time it takes to get deals done.


Lease Dates & Key Terms Tracking

Keeping track and being able to access important lease dates and terms within your organization is an absolute must.  The penalties for missing a date or violating a forgotten lease term can be severe.  Common Areas can help make this process easier with centralized and secure access to the lease information you need whenever you need it.  Automatic multi-party notifications that keep everyone informed and prevent important dates from being missed are an essential component as well.


Required Tenant & Landlord Work (Preventative Maintenance)

Depending on the lease, there is always some work required that either the tenant or the landlord is required to provide to stay in good standing.  However, after a few years into the term, these requirements can easily be forgotten.  By automating the scheduling and tracking of this work through Common Areas you can ensure these items won’t slip through the cracks.



In order to see the big picture, having access to real-time, meaningful analytics about your real estate portfolio is invaluable.  Common Areas can help you collect the data you need to make that big picture visibility a reality.  With our OData compliant system, your Common Areas data is easily accessible in Excel, Microsoft Power BI or many other reporting systems to track, monitor, and forecast in the ways that make sense to you.