Landscaping Industry’s Future is GREEN

Last year, Dvorak, the Czech-based manufacturer of the Spider, a range of remote-controlled slope mowers, launched its first global social media campaign. It featured a giant version of the Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa portrait, mown on a hillside in the Czech Republic.

While the massive portrait—which measured 200 meters by 200 meters with a gradient of 45 degrees—is impressive enough, what’s more impressive is that it was created over a period of only three days. Not only that, but it used a scaled drawing of the famous portrait, transferred reference points to the hillside, and used laser surveying technology before using remote-controlled slope mowers to complete it.

Whether through using remote-controlled or electric mowers, implementing sustainable landscaping, or by leveraging technology to drive operational efficiency, the future is green for the landscaping industry.

Below are a few of the ways you can go green too.

JOIN THE SUSTAINABLE RAGE: If you have driven through neighborhoods recently, you might have seen many homeowners tearing up lawns and installing more cost-effective and energy-efficient designs. Things like reducing lawn size, selecting native plants, stones, planting trees, shrubs, adding fountains and gardens (to name a few) are said to increase the value of a home. Not only that, but they also are environmentally friendly and use less water. As more and more homeowners jump on the “sustainable-feature bandwagon,” landscaping companies that adapt, and are ahead of the trend, are more likely to succeed.

SELF-CHARGING MOWERS OF THE FUTURE: Forget the gas guzzling mowers of the past. Electric or remote-controlled mowers are all the rage and are better for the environment than a standard mower. For example, the Southern Robot X, reduces fuel consumption by 40% and uses a high-torque D.C. electric motor to control the vehicle’s propulsion. The electric battery is then recharged by the gas motor which is also used to spin the cutting blades. Not only is greener than a standard mower, but it will save you time as well…a win-win.

LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY: When landscape companies utilize new technology, like a software for example that is designed to help drive operational efficiency, they are focusing on being “green” in another way. They are joining the paperless movement and focusing on a more environmentally friendly way of doing business. With automated work orders, for example, you can assign, adjust priority levels and timelines, view and track service teams and project due dates, update details on a work order, instantly create an invoice, increase on-time work completion, and more, all without using one sheet of paper. In addition, using a software, like Common Areas, can also help to keep track of parts, tools and other materials to avoid over-ordering and further waste.

So, whether your landscape company decides to go “green” by recycling yard waste, by implanting environmentally designs, or by utilizing less paper, going green is the way of the future.