Inspections, modernized

Inspecting your properties has never been this simple. When you use Inspections by Common Areas, you’ll find a streamlined, user-friendly process that will help you make data-driven decisions for your company. With just a few taps, Common Areas simplifies your property, safety, health, and certification inspections for easy management and decision-making.

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Streamline Processes

Say goodbye to clipboards and paper forms. From work orders to damage reports, photos to checklists, and customized forms to data analysis, Common Areas has everything you need to stay on top of compliance, safety, and maintenance for your organization.

Send work orders and note deficiencies directly from inspection findings
Manage inspections in real-time, from anywhere, on any internet enabled device
Add comments, documents and photos directly to inspection forms
Configure inspection forms so they align with your best practices
Keep everyone on the same page from staff members to executive teams

Save Time and Money

We know that time is money, and inspections should be as quick and thorough as possible. We’ve designed Inspections by Common Areas to make inspecting, recording, and analyzing data a snap.

Attach files of all types to inspection forms—including Excel, PDF, JPG, Word, and more.
With just the tap of a finger, add notes and photos for each inspection item as you go.
Don't lose your recorded inspection data even if you lose internet access.
Sync data from Inspections with your preferred analytics platform to create custom reports.
Begin an inspection on one device and let teammates finish it off later on another device.

Get Complete Insights

Never again wonder how your properties are performing. Inspections by Common Areas makes it easy to check in at any level. Integrate with your favorite Power BI tools and create customizable dashboard and report.

Take a side-by-side look at changes over time with Inspection Comparison Reports.
Generate reports with just the right information to fit your needs with Customizable Report Settings.
Easily share reports with staff and executive teams so you're all working off the same stats.
Calculate damage counts and property scores instantly so you always know where you stand.
Select layouts and customize reports with your logo for beautiful, trustworthy data reporting.

Mitigate Risk

Security shouldn’t be something you have to worry about every day. We at Common Areas invest our time and resources to make sure your data stays right where you want it, and nowhere you don’t. Protect yourself, your properties, and your data.

Keep your inspection forms safe across the organization with role-based permissions.
Track each property’s status relative to the larger portfolio and know exactly where your risks are.
Require certain fields are filled out so you have complete and standardized inspection documentation.
All user activities are recorded and time stamped to show who is doing what/when.
Use purchase dates, warranties, and inspection data to schedule preventative maintenance.
Create accurate and in depth historical records to document ongoing efforts to mitigate risk.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Business decisions should always be backed up with lots of data. With Common Areas, there’s no need to call in a data analytics team. Our app analyzes your inspection data automatically so you can make choices big and small with confidence.

Track the urgency of property repairs and inspection lapses with automated escalations and notifications.
Create, view, and share customizable reports with your team.
Schedule inspection reports to be sent to your team and keep everyone up to date.
Filter inspection data by date, property, or item and view your portfolio at every level.
Keep track of item conditions, locations, and inspection status with configurable dashboards.

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