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Replace duplicative manual processes across all your buildings and facilities

Managing municipal operations can be challenging without the right tools. From maintenance and security for buildings to managing employees and contractors, streamlining municipal operations is mission-critical. However, with most counties contracting with over 250 vendors, this is oftentimes easier said than done. Common Areas collaborative operations software can automate workflows within and between the companies you partner with to streamline tedious daily tasks and help solve your operational challenges. The result is a scalable workforce that’s unbound by software silos, and unequaled operational efficiency, transparency, and accountability.


With Common Areas’ collaborative platform, you can seamlessly connect every piece of your governmental entity’s facilities operations, from elected officials to staff to contractors, so nothing gets overlooked and taxpayer dollars are not wasted. Integrate disconnected and siloed parts of your organization so everyone is working toward the same goals.


Improve the productivity of your entire operation by simplifying processes so your focus is on serving your citizens and getting the most from their tax money. Rely on Common Areas’ automated workflows to solve bottlenecks within and between organizations to increase efficiency.


Use Common Areas’ configurable reports and dashboards to gather, analyze, and share valuable data within your organization, among staff as well as your third-party vendors. Give your people the information they need and empower them to make educated decisions that enrich your community and make it a place to which people want to move.


Know your operations, inside and out, from the state of your police/fire dispatch systems down to the work on the pothole on Main Street. With Common Areas’ real-time access, you’ll never again feel as if you’re operating in the dark, making decisions without any clarity or insight.

Smart solutions for governmental entities

Smart Workflows

You may have been elected or hired because you said you could make your governmental entity more efficient, and Common Areas can help you create the best workflows to handle everyday tasks. Automate key business processes with configurable workflows that trigger actions on demand, schedule tasks, establish escalation paths for approval, automate order fulfillment, and more.

Smart Forms

Technology has come too far for you to continue to drown in stacks of paper and severely limited spreadsheets. Common Areas has created standardized forms that can be tailored to your various needs, whether you’re a small town, a rural county or an urban metropolis, and whether you’re working on regular fire-truck maintenance or building a new public library.

Smart Team

With Common Areas’ software supporting your team, your staff and contractors will be able to work together seamlessly. Automated workflows help boost team performance and encourage accountability by minimizing communication breakdowns and outlining responsibilities, maximizing citizen satisfaction with government operations.

Smart Reports

Easily aggregate data and drill down into your projects’ progress with configurable reports. These sharable reports allow you to identify issues, avoid bottlenecks and address any areas of improvement before your operations suffer and taxpayers complain. Receive automated reports via email and text notifications.

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