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Educational institutions must create safe, comfortable environments that are conducive to learning, while building and maintaining their academic reputations. From daycare to doctoral program, proactively managing school operations is essential for safely and smoothly running your campus, equipment, and technology. Common Areas’ collaborative operations platform automates workflows among your buildings, managers, employees, faculty, students, vendors, and suppliers within one centralized work-hub that streamlines tedious daily tasks and helps solve those operational challenges across satellite sites abroad, buildings on campus, outdoor fields, and everything in between.

Connect all stakeholders within ONE user-friendly work-hub

With Common Areas’ collaborative platform, you can seamlessly integrate disconnected and siloed parts of your school operations so everyone is working toward the same goal—creating a safe, secure place for students to learn and live.

Enhance the productivity of your people and your campuses

Improve the productivity of your entire institution by simplifying processes so every property on campus runs smoothly. Rely on Common Areas’ automated workflows to solve bottlenecks within and between the companies you partner with to increase efficiency.

Give your people the information they need

Use Common Areas’ configurable reports and dashboards to gather, analyze, and share valuable data within your organization, among faculty and shareholders, as well as with your partners, whether they’re foodservice providers managing your cafeteria or student housing REITs managing your dorms. Give your people the information they need and empower them to make educated decisions that get an A+.

Drill down into the performance of your entire campus

Know your institution and its campuses inside and out, down to the smallest details. With Common Areas’ real-time access, you’ll never again feel as if you’re operating in the dark, making decisions without any clarity or insight.

Smart solutions for the education services industry

Smart Workflows

You know there’s a better way to run your institution, and Common Areas can help you automate key business processes with configurable workflows that trigger actions on demand, schedule tasks, establish escalation paths for approval, automate order fulfillment, and more.

Smart Forms

Technology has come too far for you to continue to drown in stacks of paper and severely limited spreadsheets. Common Areas has created standardized forms that can be tailored to your business, whether you have one campus with just a few buildings or several satellite campuses with hundreds of buildings.

Smart Team

With Common Areas’ software your employees, faculty and service providers will be able to work together seamlessly. Automated workflows help boost team performance and encourage accountability by minimizing communication breakdowns and outlining responsibilities.

Smart Reports

Easily aggregate data and drill down into the performance of your buildings and your entire campus with configurable reports. These sharable reports allow you to identify issues and address any areas of improvement before students stage a protest and alumni withdraw their funding. Receive automated reports via email and text notifications.

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