Repair & Maintenance Management For Any Industry



Whether you manage office, industrial, retail, multifamily, or hospitality, Common Areas helps property managers and maintenance supervisors effectively manage onsite staff, contractors, tenants, and more. Easily assess and assign maintenance and repair issues, track work status, and boost visibility for a single location, or across your entire portfolio, with one easy-to-use system.



Whether you manage apartments, community associations, student housing, affordable housing or residential properties, you have a multitude of maintenance tasks that need to get done daily, monthly, quarterly or annually. Common Areas cloud-based collaborative operations software helps you automate service requests, cut site inspection times, and easily manage all your maintenance and repair teams from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. Cut operating expenses, keep your residents safe, and property owners happy across all your buildings and locations with one easy-to-use system.


Schools and Universities

From daycare to doctoral program, managing ongoing maintenance and repair issues is essential for safely and smoothly running your campus, equipment, and technology. Common Areas’ web-based solution links together all of your buildings, managers, employees, faculty, students, vendors, and suppliers into one centralized network for getting work done efficiently across one or all of your locations.



For governing bodies, it’s mission-critical to provide efficient life-cycle management of its municipal maintenance and repair operations. However, with most counties contracting with over 250 vendors, this is oftentimes easier said than done. Common Areas uniquely combines maintenance and field service management software to create an online bridge between managers of properties & facilities and the service businesses that repair and maintain them. The result is a scalable workforce that’s unbound by software silos, and unequaled operational efficiency, transparency, and accountability.


Church / Non-Profit

Manage your non-profit’s maintenance operations with the same mission-focused approach as the rest of your organization. Switching to a web-based collaborative operations software will help your staff simplify maintenance management, comply with safety standards, and maintain a safe, clean, inviting environment for employees and donors at a fraction of the cost. We know you work hard to help the community at large, that’s why we offer non-profits with selected 501c3 status a significant discount.



Healthcare facilities managers know that maintaining hospitals, outpatient clinics, and specialized care centers is a 24/7 responsibility. Proper equipment, building and vehicle management not only increases the life and reliability of the facility, but also supports patient comfort and staff readiness. Common Areas cloud-based maintenance management software helps you schedule tasks, keep track of past work, and boost communication between maintenance teams and staff across one or all your locations.