How to Win Commercial Landscape Contracts

What’s on your wish list? If your list includes snagging a commercial contract with the office park up the road, you aren’t alone. With the right business tools and technology, along with a little preparation, you can make commercial accounts a profitable part of your landscaping company.

Below are a few tips to help you become the winning bidder.

Act professional, do your homework

In the corporate and commercial world, looks (and knowledge) matter more than ever. Professionalism is key and appearing as though you can handle a big account is essential. Make sure you have a clean and professional website. Do you have a wrapped or painted truck with a logo? Do you have uniforms and up to date equipment that can handle that type of job? Also, when meeting with a potential business owner, being prepared with a well-formatted and well thought out proposal might make the winning impression. Remember that getting the contract isn’t just about the work that you do, it is also about salesmanship.

Network not only better, but smarter

Building relationships are key in any business and are one reliable way to win commercial landscape contracts. Remember that business owners aren’t necessarily looking for you, so you need to find them. Look at local businesses and try talking to the decision maker there. Research what properties are in the area. If there are large residential communities and developments near you, find out the real estate group that is the owner or try contacting the HOA. Conferences and events should never be underestimated because you never know which building owner or manager might be there. Also, your residential clientele might have the “in” that you are looking for so ask for referrals.

Have the right tools and I don’t just mean mowers

To have a landscaping business—whether residential or commercial—there are certain tools that are necessary such as a quality lawn mower, edger, gardening tools, transportation, and safety gear. However, having the most up-to-date equipment for a commercial landscaping job means that you also should think about the tools you need outside of the lawn. There are so many digital tools that can help you win a commercial landscape contract, even if you already have a successful business. Landscape software with features that allow you to show the owner design landscape images with templates for 2D and 3D images, for example, can help your business stay top-notch. In addition, staying organized is also key to winning a contract. With new operations management software out there, it makes organizing so much easier and keeps track of dispatch, work orders, billing, invoicing, work history, employee tracking and much more.

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