How to Overcome Challenges of Managing Multiple Sites

Do you have trouble effectively setting quality control measures? Do you struggle with juggling spreadsheets or have trouble keeping maintenance employees on the same page? Are you a newly hired manager and have trouble finding essential project information and lose time trying to play catch up? Do you have trouble scheduling resources or managing maintenance and repair assignments over email?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it is more than likely costing your organization time and money, and is also a major headache. There is a reason we have the saying: “time is money.”
Whether you manage properties, facilities, or the teams that repair and maintain them, doing so across multiple locations comes with its own unique set of challenges. Think of things like miscommunication, building relationships between all locations, inconsistent work flow processes and so much more.

We now live in a time when we must get more done with fewer resources, and if the right systems aren’t in place, productivity and efficiency is lost. To overcome these challenges, it is essential to have the tools that extend to your multi-site reach and productivity in order to succeed.

One solution is to take advantage of new technology. By adapting an affordable collaborative operations software like Common Areas, you can take the “work” out of your work order process, maximize efficiency, transparency and accountability and streamline your business operations. It will save you time, keep information up to date and it will make the process of managing maintenance and repair assignments quicker.

You will be able to standardize your work flow process and move away from the days of emailed work orders and “after hours” calls that went to an answering service. By taking that step forward, you can better manage office staff and field employees, create and assign work orders online, automate service requests 24/7, cut site inspection times and more.

To overcome issues of a multi-site environment, you should employ a collaborative operations software that helps managers easily organize, schedule, and track ALL their teams and tasks—online.

Interested in learning more? Check out how Common Areas can help you affordably build and manage high performance maintenance and repair teams that collaborate across multiple locations.