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Action Engine

Keeping your team productive, both in the field and in the office, is key to your success. With Common Areas’ powerful Action Engine it’s easy to keep everyone informed, focused, and on task. Easily create, assign, and reassign detailed action items, adjust priority levels and timelines, share files, send notifications, and track job status from request to resolution—all from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.

Dynamic Dashboards

Impress your clients, unify your field & office staff, and easily manage your workload from a single dashboard. Common Areas’ Dynamic Dashboards give everyone the real time information they need to improve productivity, hit deadlines with ease, and keep clients happy.

Quickly see who’s working on what and know exactly where things stand at each location—all without having to manage spreadsheets, sit through status meetings or endure painfully long email threads.

With Dynamic Dashboards, the work that you and your team perform within Common Areas is automatically turned into digestible status reports that ensure you’re always on top of what’s going on and that nothing falls through the cracks.

Common Plans

Instill client confidence and give your business a competitive edge by turning cumbersome architectural and engineering drawings into collaborative, GPS-enabled Common Plans that everyone can understand.

Easily plot and share work orders by GPS location, building level, and asset layer (e.g. plumbing, electrical, life safety equipment, landscaping, and more) to pinpoint the location of an issue and collaborate across your entire property team.

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Scheduled Action Items

Create and assign preventive and scheduled maintenance work orders to your staff and subcontractors at any location. Common Areas’ Scheduled Action Items makes it easy to eliminate manual processes and impress your clients with a proactive approach to maintaining their equipment and physical assets.

Integrated GPS Maps

Pinpoint and quickly communicate the exact GPS location of an issue with built-in satellite maps. Simply drop a pin on your sitemap to create and assign a detailed action item based on location. Include images, videos, documents, and comments to help field teams evaluate the problem and show up prepared. All photos taken in the field can be captured, timestamped, geo-tagged, and saved forever, so managers can quickly check where and when their crew performed certain actions.

Real-time Notifications & Alerts

Improve job completion rates and boost client satisfaction with real-time communication at key points before, during, and after a job. Easily keep office staff, field employees and clients informed and up-to-date with automated in-job emails and text messages whenever action items are created, updated, or when a job status changes.

Mobile Management

From site inspection to proof of service, Common Areas’ mobile app keeps your teams productive, your clients informed, and your business moving forward while in the field. Users have access to detailed job information anywhere, at any time and can perform on-site functions with any web enabled smartphone or tablet. Take a picture of an issue, easily drop a GPS pin on your site map, and quickly create and assign a detailed action item on the spot. Once the job is finished, use your mobile device to snap a picture of the completed work, make side-by-side comparisons with past inspections, close out the job, and send before/after photos to the client.

Online Service Requests

Elevate your customer service and set your company apart with faster request resolution. Common Areas’ powerful request management tool gives your clients a convenient way to request work online 24/7, resulting in fewer calls, texts and emails. Accept service requests throughout the week, even when the office is closed, and quickly assign the job without having to re-enter information. Cut down on progress report calls with automated status updates that keep your clients informed every step of the way.

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