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Collaborative Workflow Automation

Transform manual, time-consuming tasks into automated workflows that propel your business forward. When work flows from person to person, company to company, system to system, and to the cloud and back without bottlenecks you’re able to collaborate on an entirely new level.
  • Automate any business process to maximize time and efficiency
  • Streamline processes separated by company boundaries
  • Automatically keep managers aware of the status of all tasks
  • Roll up key metrics for total visibility into your processes
  • Quickly create consistent, compliant up-to-date documents
  • Integrate web forms to pass work from one individual or team to another

GPS Work Orders

Stop managing work orders over email, phone, and text. Common Areas’ online work orders organize communication and documentation by GPS location, keeping everyone informed around the clock.
  • Pinpoint and share the exact GPS location of an issue with built-in satellite maps
  • Easily create, assign, and manage GPS work orders from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.
  • Streamlines and automate approval routing, project tracking and reporting
  • See who’s working on what, and get notifications when work progresses
  • Automatically share progress updates with staff, service providers and clients
  • Easily maintain a historical record of the work that takes place at each location

Custom Reporting

Easily create reports that give you full visibility and real-time control over who’s working on what and where things stand at each location— all without having to manage spreadsheets, sit through status meetings or endure painfully long email threads.
  • Create reports that meet your organization’s unique business needs
  • Detect bottlenecks, review individual performance and prioritize work
  • Identify general trends, emerging risks and opportunities
  • Drill down for a granular look–by region, location, department, personnel, service provider, and more
  • Automatically share results with managers and clients, keeping them aware of the status of tasks

Configurable Web Forms

Easily collect data and automate internal processes from one central location. With configurable web forms you can quickly capture critical information and connect internal staff and external project participants to your business processes.
  • Tailor-made to fit your business’ specific data collection needs
  • Use in tandem with workflows to trigger actions, approvals, schedule tasks, and more
  • Generate agreements on the fly and get them signed instantly
  • Configure fields to improve your customers’ experience
  • Deploy fully responsive forms that work on any device
  • Skin your forms to match your brand identify

Mobile App

Ditch the clipboard and say goodbye drawn out site walks and property inspections. Common Areas mobile app empowers anyone working in and around properties and facilities to efficiently collaborate with their teams and third-party service providers while out in the field.
  • Create, assign, manage and track GPS work orders from any device
  • Access detailed job information, documents, images, checklists, reports and more anytime, anywhere
  • Access interactive site and building plans while in the field on site
  • Get automated push notifications in real-time
  • Annotate photos for additional clarification
  • Log work hours associated with assigned work

Scheduled Work Orders

Create and deploy preventive and scheduled maintenance work orders to your staff and third-party service providers at any location. Easily eliminate manual processes, reduce equipment downtime, meet compliance standards with regularly scheduled inspections, and more.
  • Reduce operating costs, downtime from equipment failures, and extend the life of expensive assets
  • Schedule inspection times, post and review instructions, and keep a central record of recurring inspections
  • Eliminate manual processes for recurring work orders, maintain process consistency, and improve completion rates
  • Maintain process consistency and improve completion rates
  • Roll up key metrics for total visibility

Business-to-business Collaboration

Conventional workflow systems aren’t designed to handle process management between companies. Common Areas’ business-to-business platform uniquely connects all the companies you work with that so you can collaborate on projects in real time regardless of organizational boundaries.
  • Expedite the exchange of data, documents, and workflows among all parties involved
  • Each member of the project team sees only what is relevant to them
  • Business-to-business collaboration at the business process level
  • Every member has their own account and the ability to access their records

Dynamic Dashboards

Tracking your operations has never been easier. With Dynamic Dashboards, the work that you, your team, and project partners perform within Common Areas is automatically turned into digestible status reports that ensure that everyone knows who and what needs their attention, the moment the need arises.
  • Improve productivity, hit deadlines with ease, and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks
  • Real time status of all your teams and tasks at any given location
  • Instantly evaluate your team’s bandwidth the moment a completion date shifts or your resources change
  • Stay on course to meet deadlines and drive better outcomes for your clients
  • Quickly get a bird’s eye view of your entire workload
  • Drill-down to see specific details by location, status, assignee, client, custom group, and more

Tailored to Your Unique Business

Like snowflakes, no two processes are alike. Common Areas’ configurable solutions help you be more efficient, while staying true to your best practice business processes. Our Business Process 360 evaluates your current practices with a thorough analysis of your people, process, and technology. A report is generated and its findings help you to:
  • Identify areas where your organization can automate processes and eliminate human error
  • Add better compliance controls
  • Reduce the number of hours your teams spend on repetitive, tedious tasks
  • Reallocate your employees’ valuable time to the more important, core aspects of their jobs
  • Integrate your current software systems, breaking down data and collaboration silos
  • Drive profitability through productivity across all your locations

Online Portals

Allow guests and staff to make service or work requests, get notifications, and notify any named user of a work order status, directly from your company website—all without having to log into Common Areas.
  • Receive, organize, and prioritize service and work requests through your company website
  • Enable your tenants, residents, and clients to easily initiate and track requests
  • Provide your employees with the ability to request service whether they’re at their desk or on the go
  • Route requests for internal approval and deliver requests directly to the correct service personnel
  • Easily keep service requestors informed and up-to-date with automated notification via the app, messaging platform, or email whenever requests created, updated, or when a job status change
  • Configure your request form fields by type, who it’s for, asset type, date/time, one-time/recurring, and more

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