Common Plans for Uncommon Results

Interactive site and building plans for managing work in and around properties and facilities

Collaborative, GPS-enabled plans built for everyone

Common Plans’ user-friendly, site and building plans take operations to the next level for everyone that works in and around properties and facilities. This easy-to-use tool, when combined with Common Areas, helps users create work orders and drill down into maintenance activities and equipment data using visually appealing plans that anyone can read—no engineering degree required!

Pinpoint the GPS location of an issue and collaborate across the entire property team from office staff and technicians to clients and third-party service businesses to help ensure that work is resolved on time and within budget—all from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.

Benefits of Common Plans



Convert cumbersome architectural drawings into user-friendly, online, site and building plans with as much or as little detail as you need.


Multi-Layer Clarity

Quickly create work orders by GPS location, building level, and asset layer (e.g. plumbing, electrical, life safety equipment, landscaping, and more).


Sharable & Collaborative

Ensure that staff members, contractors, and third-party vendors are on the same page with plans and corresponding work orders everyone can access.



Leave the cumbersome paper plans at the office. Common Plans lives in the cloud, so you can access your operations anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Easy to Read

Clearly understand the visually appealing and intuitive plans regardless of your plan reading skill level, profession, or native language.


Archive Work

Automatically document and compile a historical record of service that has been performed on your equipment, site, and buildings.

Even if you have hard to decipher blueprints or architectural drawings, our onboarding team can convert them into easy-to-read Common Plans.

Standard version includes the parking lot, striping, landscape, floor plans, roof and some general details on each floor of the building.
Advanced includes everything in Standard as well as site irrigation, FF&E, lighting, mechanical and reflected ceiling plans.
Professional version includes everything in Standard, Advanced AND includes building and site utilities, telecom, security and fire safety.
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Site Details
Site Landscape
Building Perimeter
Building Floor Plan
Building Details
Building Info
Site Irrigation
Site Equipment
Site Lighting
Building Equipment
Building Mechanical
Building Reflected Ceiling
Site Plumbing
Site Gas
Site Telecom
Site Fire Safety
Site Electrical
Building Plumbing
Building Gas
Building Telecom
Building Security
Building Fire Safety
Building Electrical
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