Interactive plans.
Incredible visibility.

Visually manage your resources, assets and
equipment across all your locations

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X-ray vision for your operations

Spreadsheets and cumbersome paper design plans aren’t enough to keep everyone on the same page, and provide the real-time visibility you need to control costs. Whether you manage properties or operate facilities, Common Plans ties everyone and everything to a current set of collaborative plans so that you have instant access, anytime and anywhere, to the critical details and whereabouts of your resources, assets and equipment across all your locations.

Manage space in real time

Easily create, share and update interactive spatial plans that track your organization’s dedicated workspaces, shared meeting spaces and occupancy information. Quickly pull customized reports with the exact information you need to drive productivity across every square foot.

Keep tabs on every asset

Store every conceivable piece of information about every IT, office assets and equipment your organization owns, without breaking a sweat. Easily track location, maintenance history, current status and more—right from the visual icons on your floor plan.

Optimize space capacity

Easily manage your current space inventory and forecast the available space capacity needed to meet changing demands. With real-time and historical visibility into how your spaces are truly being used across all locations, you’ll never underutilize space again.

See every tenant, rent roll and vacancy

Generate real-time stacking plans so you can see what spaces and units are occupied, vacant, and coming up for lease renewal. Easily visualize tenants, square footages, lease expirations and more.