Platform sets new standard in creating digitally-connected business by uniting people, properties and processes


Tustin, CA (February 26, 2019)—Common Areas, a leading SaaS software provider of collaborative operations solutions, today announced the launch of its highly configurable real estate operations platform that can be tailored to meet client’s best practice business processes.

The cloud-based platform offers clients significant flexibility to personalize aspects of the system–eliminating the need to take on expensive custom development. It provides the agility to quickly configure and launch features that automate critical business processes, increase accountability between staff and third-party vendors, improve tenant satisfaction, and enhance data gathering and analytics capabilities.

“We’re on a mission to help real estate companies transform the way they operate,” said Casey Rue, Founder and CEO of Common Areas. “Companies that manage real estate are caught in a rising flood of manual processes, disconnected software and disorganized communication that create confusion, mistakes and inefficiency–resulting in higher operating costs, increased risk, and reduced client satisfaction.”

The Common Areas platform conforms to real estate company’s unique needs–syncing their data, systems and people to create a truly digitally-connected business where everyone knows more, works together better, and gets more done, faster.

Earlier this year, the Common Areas Property Management & Technology Sentiment Report found that the primary challenges experienced in the industry include the inability to achieve widespread integration across the most popular software and a general lack of customization and scalability of the different tools and systems currently available.

“The report confirmed what the industry has experienced for decades; the process of being efficient generally is very inefficient, even in the face of significant advancements in technology innovation and disruption,” says Rue. “Until now, software purchasers had to pay for expensive custom development to ensure the solution met their company’s specific requirements–which means higher implementation costs, less agility to adapt to change and more risk.”

Common Areas’ configurable platform allows for rapid development and deployment of tailored solutions capable of addressing many management intensive matters–including workflow automation, work order management, inspection management, incident management, property management, compliance and insurance management, lease process management, and reporting among others.

“Because of technology and innovation, the industry can accomplish things that previously were unbelievable” adds Rue. “In addition to this, these advances can be leveraged by everyone easier than ever before. Our focus is to provide solutions that work for our clients the way they want to work while also promoting integration and collaboration at entry points where everyone can participate and benefit.”

In the Property Management & Technology Sentiment Report, property management executives identified features and characteristics that are most important for software programs, systems and platforms. Respondents were most interested in those that provide for ease of use, mobile accessibility as well as dashboard and reporting capabilities. Accordingly, the Common Areas’ configurable solution includes a variety of integrated features—inspection forms, GPS work orders, custom reporting, online portals and interactive space planning, to name a few—that help solve specific operational goals.

“In our report, PM executives almost universally praised the value of innovation, characterizing technology as a ‘must have’,” Rue said. “At Common Areas, we continue to develop technology that goes beyond simply addressing a single business need, rather we’re creating configurable solutions that elegantly resolve multiple critical business issues, keeping our clients nimble and at the forefront of the competitive edge. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but at the same time believe that a well-conceived, configurable platform can go a long way in optimizing the solutions that are necessary.”



About Common Areas

Common Areas creates collaborative operations software that connects people, properties and processes to create unparalleled levels of productivity and efficiency. Its configurable, multi-tenant, cloud-based platform offers comprehensive features that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any business that works in or around properties and facilities. Whether you’re a team of 1 or 1000, managing work across 10 or 10,000 properties, Common Areas’ platform automates workflows and data capture between all stakeholders across every location–creating a truly digitally-connected business where everyone knows more, works together better, and gets more done, faster. Learn more at