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Managing and growing portfolios in the digital age can be daunting

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Disjointed operating practices are profit pitfalls

Let’s face it, asset managers, property managers and leasing teams are often overwhelmed by manual processes and underwhelmed with current tools and technologies meant to make them more productive. Don’t let confusion, mistakes and inefficiencies impact your team, tenants and profits. To achieve your portfolio’s full potential, something must change…

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Common Areas arms you with an agile toolset to accelerate your operational success across all your people and properties

Work Order Management

Easily create, assign, and manage work orders from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. Streamline the process with automated workflows and gain real-time visibility into who’s doing what, when, and where.

Property Inspections

Ensure your properties, buildings, vendors, and staff are meeting the highest standards and preventing costly liabilities with configurable inspection forms such as: routine, seasonal and annual inspections, ADA compliance and insurance inspections, as well as landscape, roof, irrigation, HVAC and parking lot inspections.

Preventive Maintenance

Automate task scheduling, warranty monitoring, and recurring work orders to increase uptime and preserve the longevity of your assets and equipment. Trigger work orders based on date, time, event, alarms, or sensor readings.

Operational Reports

Replace inefficient filing processes and stacks of paper by automating your record keeping and reporting. Organize all your property records in one place and sort thousands of files with one click. Never misplace a critical piece of information again.

Asset Records Management

Leverage automated workflows for long-term roadmap initiatives, run real-time comprehensive maintenance reports and track all the critical KPIs necessary to ensure that you stay on top of the actions that drive the value of your portfolio.

Contract & Lease Tracking

Tailor your lease management workflows to cover tenant applications, turnover, punch lists, tenant and landlord records, lease abstracts, LOI/lease approval process workflows, and more. Then store and manage all contracts and get alerts anytime important deadlines are approaching.

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