Collaborative Property Operations Software

Build strong, satisfying relationships with your tenants and keep your buildings leased Replace manual processes across your portfolio with automated, configurable web forms
and workflows

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Do more with less by automating workflows and implementing web forms

You’re focused on building relationships with tenants and keeping them happy so they want to stay put. Juggling hundreds of tenants and multiple properties is challenging, so let Common Areas improve your daily productivity and help you successfully manage people and properties.

Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows Produce automated workflows for every common – and uncommon – process within your company and have it operational within days. Best of all, no IT resources are required.

Configurable Forms

Easily design maintenance requests to rental applications, and other related forms to ensure that every aspect of property management is handled properly.

Real-Time Reporting

See the current status of any project or task and receive automatically scheduled reports through e-mail.

Effective Collaboration

Common Areas’ collaborative operations software heightens communication among teammates, tenants and service providers.

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