Can Spreadsheets Fulfill Property Operations Needs?

Long gone are the days of property owners and facilities managers relying solely on basic spreadsheets, numerous phone calls, text messages and emails to successfully manage their operations. Professionals in the real estate industry have come to adopt newer, more effective and efficient technologies as a means to get work done. However, acquiring and implementing … Continued

Why Some Collaborative Operations Software Implementations Fail

If you ask someone who recently implemented a collaborative operations software system how it went, chances are they’re starting to wonder if it was worth it. It is common for collaborative operations software implementation failures, and it is usually because only a fraction of the capabilities of the collaborative operations software was effectively utilized. Below … Continued

Avoid “The Cracks” with Dynamic Dashboards

“The Cracks” might sound like a fun dance move, but when it refers to lost or misplaced work, it’s anything but enjoyable. We’ve all been there—frantically sorting through countless emails and handwritten to-do lists in an attempt to figure out the status of a job that fell through the cracks. Thankfully, there’s a better way. … Continued

7 Tech Trends Every Property Manager Should Know

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” While there is no evidence that Albert Einstein made that statement, the quote is often attributed to him and it has always been a favorite. (Einstein did make a statement in 1946 cautioning mankind about the dangers of the nuclear age). But one … Continued

How to Overcome Challenges of Managing Multiple Sites

Do you have trouble effectively setting quality control measures? Do you struggle with juggling spreadsheets or have trouble keeping maintenance employees on the same page? Are you a newly hired manager and have trouble finding essential project information and lose time trying to play catch up? Do you have trouble scheduling resources or managing maintenance … Continued

Waiting to Implement Collaborative Operations Software?

“Time is of the essence.” That common phrase can be applied to pretty much anything in life, especially in today’s digital age. And sometimes the cost associated with ignoring the phrase can be difficult to calculate. In property management, time is of the essence if you wait too long to implement a  collaborative operations software. … Continued