Smartphones–A Path to Landscape Company Success

Flip phones have lost their style—for approximately two-thirds of all Americans that is. They have also been left in the dust in terms of functionality. From news updates to photo editing software to apps that help you to stay motivated, organize your grocery list, or wake you up in the morning. For many, Smartphones are … Continued

Paper Work Orders—The Source of Lost Time and Revenue

Do you still own an old metal filing cabinet? Have you ever lost a work order, or possibly even completed a different job than you were supposed to? Do you schedule and dispatch work orders over email, and get frustrated with the amount of time it takes to communicate important information to all individuals involved? If you … Continued

How to Win Commercial Landscape Contracts

What’s on your wish list? If your list includes snagging a commercial contract with the office park up the road, you aren’t alone. With the right business tools and technology, along with a little preparation, you can make commercial accounts a profitable part of your landscaping company. Below are a few tips to help you … Continued

Landscaping Industry’s Future is GREEN

Last year, Dvorak, the Czech-based manufacturer of the Spider, a range of remote-controlled slope mowers, launched its first global social media campaign. It featured a giant version of the Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa portrait, mown on a hillside in the Czech Republic. While the massive portrait—which measured 200 meters by 200 meters with … Continued

3 Technologies That Increase Landscape Company Margins

Technologies That Increase Landscape Company Margins One of the first things you learn when running your own business is that companies live and die by profit margins and that growing that margin is what ultimately indicates a company’s success. One common way to increase a profit margin is to lower your costs (while revenue stays … Continued