From Chaos to Clarity

Get the visibility and control you need
to optimize your site utilization and increase revenue

A Clear Vision

Achieving the highest utilization while effectively utilizing 1,000’s to 100,000’s seats across your sites is a complex problem, especially when planning over time. With Common Areas you can visualize, manage and forecast your seat capacity across all of your sites like never before.

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You Can't Sell
What You Can't See

Contact center operations is an ongoing exercise in chaos management. From supporting sales to meeting client requirements to constantly fluctuating operations, getting the highest utilization of your seats at all of your sites is challenging and absolutely critical to your profitability. Visibility in your operations is a must have, but also a scarce resource.

Discover, Improve, Grow

Common Areas helps you find lost potential through improved visibility, management and forecasting of your seat utilization. It gives you x-ray like vision into all of your sites – present, past and future. Common Areas provides everyone in your organization with the critical information they need to make educated decisions to drive business, fill seats, reduce waste and increase revenue.

Floor Layouts

Visualize and interact with your seats and sites like never before to manage your layouts, engagements, schedules and even monitor your integrated IOT devices in real-time at all of your sites across the globe. Instantly access the mission critical information you need anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Seat Capacity Planning

Easily identify and manage the seat inventory at all of your center locations across the globe. With Common Areas you can optimize manage your overall demand through streamlined monitoring of utilization and availability at all of your sites.

Business Intelligence for Seats and Sites

Analyze and leverage all of your site data with configurable, engaging reports that provide integrated, real-time and historical insights. Gain valuable knowledge regarding KPIs and trends and easily share this actionable information with key stakeholders in your business.

Advanced Scheduling

Achieve a clear picture of seat availability by planning, forecasting, and scheduling your seat inventory in real-time. Attain greater visibility into what your resource needs are globally and better respond to scheduling changes and overall needs.

Live Integration with Sensors

Get a higher level of visibility and control at all of your sites through integration with smart IOT devices and sensors. Like a digital twin of each of your sites you can get a clear picture of what is happening where, where attention is needed and where to make needed adjustments fast.

Global Inventory Visibility

Quickly and easily understand where there is availability at any of your locations across the globe. Use this real-time data to better inform your sales teams and optimize your centers' utilization rates.

Clarity For Your Sales Team


Revenue Value

For every 1% increase in sold seats
(per seat/year)
For every 1% increase in sold seats across all sites (per year)

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