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Managing and optimizing contact centers requires heightened visibility.

Focus in on seat capacity utilization and increase margins by connecting your teams, sites, and processes

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Antiquated in-the-box operating practices trap profits

Contact center operations are an ongoing battle of capacity management, seat utilization, and space optimization. Providing clear and accurate visibility into seat inventory across a global footprint is a daunting task, but essential to profit maximization and customer success. In order to optimize seat utilization and take charge of your margins, something must change…

One Platform. Unlimited Potential.

Common Areas arms you with an agile toolset to gain global control of seat utilization and profits

Interactive Seat Mapping

Visually display the layout of your center in an attractive, graphical format. Interact with your data like never before to see seat capacity, availability and have the ability to assign seats in real-time at all of your sites across the globe.

Capacity Planning

Accurately forecast your centers’ overall demand by efficiently monitoring your utilization. Use Common Areas to calculate your resource requirements which enables smarter, more informed decisions to improve hiring and training to optimize your centers’ workload.

Client Management

Plot all of your clients’ current and forecasted seat locations on interactive, spacial plans. Visually access critical details of all of your clients at each of your sites across the globe. Make the most of occupiable capacity and available square footage with information that is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Site Management

Understand how your center is performing and improve your operations by efficiently managing all of your sites within a single, collaborative platform. Fully integratable scheduling, forecasting, and reporting functions ensure higher productivity, sales, and revenue.

Operational Reporting

User-friendly tools allow you to create customized, engaging reports that provide integrated, real-time historical insights. Gain valuable knowledge regarding KPIs and trends and easily share this actionable information with key stakeholders in your business.

Global Inventory Visibility

Quickly and easily identify the seat inventory at all of your center locations across the globe. Use this real-time data to optimize your centers' utilization rates and operational efficiencies.

Your contact center operations need a productivity hero.

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