3 Tips for Smarter Volunteer Management Using Technology

Volunteers are one of the most important resources and one of the greatest blessings your church has. However, managing your volunteers — recruiting, scheduling, and training — can often prove to be a daunting task. Thankfully, technological tools exist today that can help alleviate some of the pain points you might encounter. Employing these three … Continued

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Worship Facility

Properly maintaining your house of worship is of the utmost importance to your congregation and visitors. Churches that have well-maintained facilities are better able to fulfill their mission by turning their focus toward helping their community grow in faith instead of worrying about unplanned maintenance issues and repairs. Consider the five tips below to make … Continued

7 Signs Your Church is Ready for Collaborative Operations Software

Whether you manage church facilities or manage the workers or volunteers that have a hand in helping to maintain those facilities, odds are that you’re using inefficient spreadsheets or expensive on-premise software to manage it all. Thankfully, there’s a better way.   Below are 7 signs that your church is ready for collaborative operations software, an affordable cloud-based software for organizing, scheduling, and tracking … Continued

Avoid “The Cracks” with Dynamic Dashboards

“The Cracks” might sound like a fun dance move, but when it refers to lost or misplaced work, it’s anything but enjoyable. We’ve all been there—frantically sorting through countless emails and handwritten to-do lists in an attempt to figure out the status of a job that fell through the cracks. Thankfully, there’s a better way. … Continued

Smartphones–A Path to Landscape Company Success

Flip phones have lost their style—for approximately two-thirds of all Americans that is. They have also been left in the dust in terms of functionality. From news updates to photo editing software to apps that help you to stay motivated, organize your grocery list, or wake you up in the morning. For many, Smartphones are … Continued

How to Streamline Property Management

Two important concepts related to business growth are efficiency and effectiveness. And both are vitally important. Those thoughts are according to Glenn Smith, a business coach, leadership teacher and CEO of Glenn Smith Executive Coaching. According to Smith, efficiency is important for profitability and effectiveness is important for growth. To becoming a better property owner, … Continued

A More Detailed Look at Your ROI Calculation

Calculating a ROI, in theory, isn’t that complicated of a calculation. It is basically taking the gain of an investment, subtracting the cost of the investment, then dividing the total by the cost of the investment. For example, if you buy 10 shares of Natalie’s Pizzeria at $10 a share, your investment cost would be … Continued