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Our Mission

At Common Areas, clarity is our passion. We believe that clear communication is the catalyst for realizing potential and doing great work. Our software platform is designed to reduce confusion, promote accuracy, accentuate efficiency, and reduce chaos in the world of owning, operating and maintaining properties and facilities. Our mission is clear and simple—to create a universally powerful, user-friendly solution that enables teams to connect, collaborate, execute and thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


The Common Areas executive team is comprised of experienced professionals in commercial real estate, technology, marketing, and sales. Together they help develop and introduce innovative technologies for organizing, scheduling, and tracking maintenance and repair teams and tasks online.

Founder and CEO

Casey Rue is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Common Areas. He is responsible for the strategic vision and direction of the company’s cloud-based platform…

Chief Technology Officer

With over 18 years of experience in Information Technology, Aaron is responsible for all aspects of Common Areas’ technology execution…

Our Story

Our story began with a pain point. While operating the management division of a boutique, commercial real estate development company, our CEO and Founder, Casey Rue, experienced the daily challenges every property owner, manager and service provider faces. From identifying and reporting issues, to managing work orders and teams working in the field, he encountered many time-consuming but necessary steps involved in completing maintenance and repair tasks. Yet, there was no clear process defined for him to work with both internal and external stakeholders to clearly identify, respond to and track the myriad of property and facility maintenance and repair projects he faced each day.

It was these common challenges that inspired a common solution.

Common Areas was created to make an collaborative solution that empowers everyone—from the field to the office—to work better together on any project, with any team, at any location. Collaboration is at the heart of what makes Common Areas’ software platform different.

Over the years, our product offering has evolved into a robust platform that is shaped by our employees and the clients we support day in and day out. At Common Areas, it’s our goal to partner with your organization to optimize business. We do this by allowing your teams, both internal and external, to work together seamlessly as they reimagine their processes. This will lead to better decision making.  Decisions that are made more efficiently and effectively.  What we offer is a simple, code-free, interactive solution that is tailored to help you to not only to succeed, but to flourish, in an industry that is experiencing an unprecedented level of change. Common Areas’ collaborative operations software is the definitive next level of productivity, efficiency, and accountability for all forward-thinking organizations who seek to break down information silos, reduce chaos and improve business processes.

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