A Letter from the CEO


Technology’s role in managing real estate operations has never been more important or had a more significant impact on productivity. While its importance cannot be overstated, embracing and adopting changes in technology may be one of the most critical and challenging strategic business issues facing your company.

In recent years, many of our clients have spoken openly with us about the challenges of managing real estate operations in the digital era. For many, the biggest challenge is simply getting a clear picture of who’s working on what and where things stand at each property. For others, it’s connecting their data, systems and people to create a truly digitally-connected business where everyone knows more, works together better, and gets more done, faster.

The promise of technology was supposed to make things easier. Instead, it often adds to the rising flood of disorganized communication and disconnected processes that challenge us in our day to day work. The net result is confusion, mistakes and inefficiency–equating to higher operating costs, increased risk, and reduced client satisfaction.
That’s why we’re launching the industry’s first configurable operations platform that caters to your needs and sets a new standard in operational efficiency, connectivity and simplicity. Now more than ever, Common Areas is a driving force for real estate firms seeking to unite their people, properties and processes and reduce waste in their operations.
At Common Areas, we take great pride in helping our clients solve their most pressing business challenges. Our new, highly configurable operations platform can now be tailored to meet your unique organization and property-specific needs. Whether you’re a team of 1 or 1000, managing work across 10 or 10,000 properties, Common Areas’ platform automates workflows and data capture between all stakeholders across every location–creating a truly digitally-connected business.

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Casey Rue

Founder and CEO