7 Signs Your Church is Ready for Collaborative Operations Software

Whether you manage church facilities or manage the workers or volunteers that have a hand in helping to maintain those facilities, odds are that you’re using inefficient spreadsheets or expensive on-premise software to manage it all. Thankfully, there’s a better way.  

Below are 7 signs that your church is ready for collaborative operations software, an affordable cloud-based software for organizing, scheduling, and tracking your teams and tasks online. 

SCHEDULING ISSUES: Does your facility have multiple spaces in use for different activities in any given week? Do you have volunteers who schedule their time? Were any last-minute changes to existing events overlooked? If any of the answers to those questions was “yes” then having a collaborative operations software will help you organize those operations and expedite room and resource scheduling.  

STILL USING EXCEL OR PAPER SYSTEM? If you have ever attempted to track or change something on paper or Excel, you are aware of how hard that is to do effectively. And with more than one person involved, it becomes even more difficult. A collaborative operations software system allows for multiple users to log-in and the information can be accessed at any time, from any place, on any device. 

ASSIGNING MAINTENANCE WORK IS TIME-CONSUMINGIf your maintenance requests are written on a notepad or email or posted on a wall-mounted calendar, you need a collaborative operations software system to make the process less time-consuming. With minimal training, a collaborative operations software system can help to receive, create, assign, and reassign work orders from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. It can also track the process to see who is working on what and when it is complete.  

WHO IS ACCOUNTABLE? While a facilities manager is usually the one responsible for maintaining the physical space and equipment of a church, many more are involved in the process. A collaborative operations software system brings an advanced accountability process, allowing you to monitor projects in real time and address issues before they become problems. You can also control access, so each member of the project team only sees what is relevant to them. 

TROUBLE STAYING IN THE LOOP: Ever omit someone important from an email sent out? Or, if you do include all involved, do you ever have lengthy back and forth communication that is difficult to track? If so, a collaborative operations software system can better communication between all parties and in real time making sure nothing falls through the cracks.  

DIFFICULTY WITH UPGRADES /COSTS? Because a collaborative operations software is web-based, there is no need to worry about managing software or staying on top of upgrades. Not only that but having a budget management allows you to better manage maintenance costs. 

MANAGING STAFF/EXPECTATIONSDoes your full-time church employees have access to event calendars that your part-time staff do not? The calendar process of a collaborative operations software is simple and effective so every member knows what is expected of them each day.  

To learn more about how a collaborative operations software system like Common Areas can help you, sign up for free and give it a try.