3 Tips for Smarter Volunteer Management Using Technology

Volunteers are one of the most important resources and one of the greatest blessings your church has. However, managing your volunteers — recruiting, scheduling, and training — can often prove to be a daunting task. Thankfully, technological tools exist today that can help alleviate some of the pain points you might encounter. Employing these three tips for smarter volunteer management using technology can help ensure that those who give of their time and God-given talent will benefit from an efficient process.

Planning and organizing. It is paramount that the necessary tools are in place to aid in the planning and implementation of projects that require volunteer assistance. Using a collaborative operations software can help you to obtain this goal. A collaborative operations software helps you to eliminate paper sign-up sheets, hours tracking and vague job descriptions. Collaborative operations software can assist church administrators and facilities managers in identifying the roles that you have to fill, creating work orders for each specific task to be done, assigning the proper resources/volunteers to complete the task and following up on their progress from start to finish. Technology tools such as a collaborative operations software give your church insights into who is doing what, when and where, thereby providing transparency and ease of use all in one common software solution. Click here to see how a collaborative operations software solution like Common Areas can help.

Training. An assessment must be done to determine the competencies of your volunteers to make sure they are placed into positions not only of interest but those that fit their particular skill set. Technology can help in the development of orientation documentation, online training guides, video tutorials, virtual meetings and event/project blogs and more. By embracing technology in training, churches enable themselves to deliver a consistent message regarding their mission and vision for the tasks at hand. Volunteers will gain a deeper understanding of why they serve and become more invested in the church community. Collaboration increases amongst the volunteer team members as they begin to feel informed and valued, grow in wisdom and excel in their serving roles.

Retaining. Your job in managing your volunteers does not end simply because they have fulfilled the duties required for their tasks. In an effort to retain volunteers, who are the lifeblood of your worship facility, you must be sure to thank them for a job well done. In addition to thanking your volunteers face-to-face, technology can assist you in thanking them and thanking them often. Try sending a quick email or a text. Use social media platforms to express your gratitude. Your weekly online church bulletin is also a perfect place to report on the success of an event and thank the entire team for sharing their gifts with the church congregation. Continue to build relationships with your volunteers so that they grow in their leadership to your church community and return to fill other roles that become available in the future.

While the above are only a few tips for smarter volunteer management, there are many more. Sign up with Common Areas for free to see how it can help you.