3 Technologies That Increase Landscape Company Margins

Technologies That Increase Landscape Company Margins

One of the first things you learn when running your own business is that companies live and die by profit margins and that growing that margin is what ultimately indicates a company’s success. One common way to increase a profit margin is to lower your costs (while revenue stays the same or increases) and the other is to increase your revenue (while your cost stays the same or decreases). One common way companies today are increasing their profit margins is by utilizing technology.

Take UPS for example. For UPS, technology is the backbone of its business. In 2015, the company cut nearly 90% of its drivers’ delivery route thanks to greater technology. But whether it is a large company like UPS, or a small, family-owned landscaping company, technology advancements have become a game changer.  

Below are some technologies that will increase landscape company margins and help you remain competitive.

Collaborative Operations Software

Streamlining landscape company operations has never been easier than it is today. The ability to keep field crews and office teams productive and keep clients informed of site inspection to proof of service takes significant manpower. Having a software like Common Areas can help. It allows managers and teams to trade the time-consuming paper processes for faster services and lower operational costs. By streamlining the entire process of organizing, scheduling, and tracking work over the Internet, it is possible to document and assign work orders while in the field, keep office staff and field employees updated in real-time, automate service requests, cut site inspection times, and automate communication at key points before, during, and after a job.

Fleet and Vehicle Tracking Solutions

GPS systems are no longer simply used for directions. Advancements in the arena help save drivers time, improve routing and can help to add more service calls per day. Some GPS systems also allow you to know the exact location of your entire fleet of vehicles and equipment. And some of the more advanced trackers even can receive power from a vehicle’s internal battery, helping to better protect your landscape company’s assets.

Landscape Design Software

Landscape companies no longer have to draw out 2D ideas for clients on flat paper. Many landscape design software programs have emerged recently—think Drafix Software for example, which recently revealed their landscape CAD design for the iPad, which can not only create a photo imaging design but it can measure a site directly on a tablet (a huge time savings) and can also price quote to sell the customer at the first meeting. So why is having this type of software a game changer? Because they help bring a landscape company’s ideas to life. Landscape Associates of De Pere, for example, use DynaSCAPE landscape design software and Google SketchUp for example and say that since it has been using design software, sales close rates have increased 25%.

So, whether you are using collaborative operations software to better streamline your operations, invest in a good landscape design software, or add a GPS system to better track your fleet of vehicles, there are so many technologies out there to help your company increase margins and remain competitive.