Easily Manage ALL Your Maintenance and Repair Teams—Online

From Lawns to Leaks to Lights and More, Manage All Your Teams and Organize ALL Their Work in One Place

Ridiculous Productivity3-01

Ridiculous Productivity

Organize & track your work at each location with one easy-to-use cloud-based CMMS software that keeps everyone informed, focused, and in action 24/7.

Action Engine3-01

A Better Way to Manage

Say goodbye to juggling spreadsheets and fielding endless emails, texts and phone calls, and say hello to our powerful action engine that helps you get the job done right.

Real-time Visibility3-01

Real-time Visibility

Bring a new level of transparency to your operations with real-time performance records of all activities conducted by your teams and across your locations.

Management Software That Works Almost as Hard as You

You’re busy. Very busy. Whether you manage properties, facilities, or the teams that repair and maintain them, odds are that you’re using inefficient spreadsheets or complex, expensive on-premise software to manage it all. Thankfully, there’s a better way. Common Areas builds affordable cloud-based software for organizing, scheduling, and tracking your teams and tasks online, so you know exactly what’s getting done at each location in real-time.


Getting Work Done is As Easy As 1,2,3


Snap a picture of an issue & drop a pin on the map to target its GPS location…


Create & assign a work order from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer…


Manage the work & automatically share status updates with others.

Here Are Just a Few of the Benefits Common Areas Offers:

Manage Work Orders

Receive, create, assign, & reassign work orders from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer

Automate Updates

Automatically share progress updates with your teams and clients with real-time notifications and alerts

Pinpoint Issues

Create and assign work orders based on its GPS location with integrated satellite maps

Boost Visibility

Instantly access real-time work order detail, documents and images anywhere, 24/7

Track Work

See who’s working on what at each location, and get status updates from request to resolution

Cut Inspection Time

Take a picture of an issue, create a work order, and assign it directly from your device

Ensure Accountability

Monitor projects in real time and address issues before they become problems

Control Access

Each member of the project team sees only what is relevant to them

Loop In Anyone

Work with anyone for free, even if they’re not a member of Common Areas

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